How To Spot The Narcissistic Leader

How To Spot The Narcissistic Leader

Some organisations, mercifully few these days, actively recruit and champion the Narcissistic leader. On the one hand such people do have their place and can deliver, especially when there is a crisis.

How do we spot such characters? The following Quick Checklist should flush them out

  • They show a determined, ruthless streak in their behaviour: their ruthlessness delivers outcomes but at any cost.
  • They lack any ability to show empathy: they systematically and permanently do not care or consider their employees beyond their ability to perform.
  • They have a fragile ego: beyond their accomplishments there is nothing else and they easily become angry, enraged and difficult to be with.
  • They constantly suspect that their subordinates are continually letting them down and will continue to do so.
  • They always micromanage as they consider no one is ever as good as they are.
  • They look down on the professional opinions of others as they never consider their inputs to be valid.
  • They never, ever admit that they are wrong.

This behaviour can, and frequently does, destroy and organisation.

If you can get behind the symptoms as presented in your workplace you can understand the cause and take appropriate action.

Good Luck!

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