How To Keep Yourself FRESH In The Heat Of Battle

How To Keep Yourself FRESH In The Heat Of Battle

Hard work is, well, hard work, Very hard work, actually, these days of tight deadlines, key performance measures and the need to deliver quality outcomes that truly delight customers.

Many people, managers especially, feel this pressure and get burned-out.

So how can you avoid falling into this trap?

  1. Be bold and lead a cultural shift away from stress and burnout: be willing to champion an alternative view where the highest performers are the highest performers because they take time out.
  2. Always respond to the very many different crises that you will face by a determination to remain calm and not to react with emotion. Problems and crises are always great energy-sapping events which pile on pressure and increase stress, hence a calmer and more measured approach pays dividends both immediately and in the longer term.
  3. Prioritise your well-being: getting enough sleep, making time to disconnect, switching tee mobile off and designing things that allow you to recharge yourself are key factors in personal and career growth.

Take time for yourself and reap the rewards!

Good Luck!

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