9 Steps To Becoming An EXCELLENT Manager

9 Steps To Becoming An EXCELLENT Manager

Consider the following 9 Steps to see how your managerial career can really take off FAST!

  1. Be Confident: avoid agonising over decisions and make bold, forthright steps. It is all about clarity and simplicity.
  2. Be Creative: never be afraid to take joy in experimenting with things! Defy convention to get into new areas and to experience developments. Doing things differently is always the path to innovation.
  3. Dive in, feet first. Avoid waiting tie the right moment which we all know never actually arrives. Failure or the fear of it holds managers back from making change and developing themselves. Learn from mistakes and celebrate the failure.
  4. Never give up. If you think you have a good idea and a passion for making a change follow through with the vision as far as you are able. Selfishness in moderation is a very good thing!
  5. Get noticed. Quickly recognise which methods of promotion work best for you and exploit them! Pick and choose your methods and the time needed to make them work for you.
  6. Be honest. We all operate in a fog of confusion mixed in with not wanting to hurt other people’s feelings and while that is very noble avoiding being honest is just prolonging the agony.
  7. Show your feelings. We all learn to not show our emotions: sometimes this is a very good skill to practice but often by masking our true emotions all we are doing is hiding from reality and prolonging the agony of the difficult situation we find ourselves in.
  8. Enjoy what you do. Be imaginative, explore new ideas and never be afraid to challenge what is going on. Passionate and committed employees are always employees that enjoy what they do and want to better what they are doing.
  9. Involve others. Interaction with other members of the team, especially the wider team, will bring a fresh perspective and even a willingness to bring change faster and with more deliverables. Always network as much as possible, as frequently as possible.

Good Luck!

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