How To Give Fool Proof Answers Under Pressure

When you are under pressure, in fast-moving negotiations or conversations, you must get it right first time as there are rarely second chances to correct a mistake.

The BID framework will give you this clear advantage if used carefully and correctly.

  1. Background: summarise the issue so that it is clear what all present are discussing and thinking about.
  2. Issue: what is the problem or topic we are discussing? What is at stake if we do not decide today or if we take a specific course of action? “If we do nothing we risk X happening” is a good starting point for the discussion.
  3. Decision: “The best way of dealing with X is …..” opens up the discussion nicely with you able to put your views across with everyone listening. Try to give more than one option but once tie decision has been made close with the benefits of what you have agreed.

BID will give you control.

Good Luck!

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