The Skills Of The NOW Manager

The Skills Of The NOW Manager

The pace of change is speeding up; commercial insecurity, expanding markets, the need for organisations to act now rather than watch the competition hoover up customers, less time than ever to accomplish tasks with continually reducing pockets of resources to do this with.

It is only going to get worse.

The NOW Manager has a different view of the mechanics of the job: the NOW Manager sees things in a new light.

The NOW Manager:

  • Ignores the traditional hierarchy
  • Rejects management silos and breaks down barriers
  • Throws away the individual focus and promotes a collaborative and cooperative approach
  • Puts real emphasis and value upon imagination and new ideas, however unlikely they may seem
  • Never waits for the analysis and number-crunching to be done, rather they move forward quickly and take risks
  • Sees needs in the market and among customers and reacts very quickly
  • Uses optimism to break down barriers of pessimism

How many of these traits do you sign up to but, more importantly, deliver?

Be bold – be a NOW Manager!

Good Luck!

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