Management Worries And How To Deal With Them

We all worry about things at work, lose sleep, feel anxious and see our concentration and attention falter the more we worry and stress over issues.

The reality of the situation is never clear to us because we are simply too close to the issues. A more objective and neutral view on problems in a wide variety of scenarios throws up the following picture:

  • 40% of your concerns or worries will never actually happen! Lighten up and focus on what will happen!
  • 30% of your concerns or worries are from the past! Move on, forget them!
  • 12% of your concerns or worries are groundless: it is your mind playing tricks with you!
  • 10% of your concerns or worries are relatively minor in the big scheme of things. Experience will show you this!
  • 8% of your concerns or worries are real but only half of them (a mere 4%) are out of your control!

So, what looked like a huge weight of issues to deal with simply breaks down to a mere 4% of the total amount of worry and stress that you are carrying.

Ever wonder why senior managers never appear stressed? The answer lies in the detail above!

Good Luck!

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