How To Implement Change In 7 Effective Steps

How To Implement Change In 7 Effective Steps

  1. Have a strong and clear reason WHY you want to make a change: this should be easily justified the minute someone challenges you.
  2. Define the goal that you want to achieve before you start: write this down many times and refine the document so that you can see exactly what it is you are trying to achieve.
  3. Plan and define your priorities in achieving the goal: make this very clear.
  4. Have strong reserves of self-belief that you can and will make a positive difference through your plan.
  5. Invite other to join in and make a difference to the outputs.
  6. Take personal responsibility for your actions: only you can, and should, own them.
  7. Take action and measure the results of the difference that you have made: have you achieved what you set out to do in point 1?

Good Luck!

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