Management Meddling – If It Is Broken Never Fix It

Management Meddling – If It Is Broken Never Fix It

There are always good and convincing reasons why we should never rush to mend something, despite what we might be expected to do and wade in to mend something that is broken.

Things break when they are at the end of their natural life: cars do die, they cannot go on forever!

Products have a life cycle. Anyone purchased a black and white television lately?

Even if your broken product/system/service is fixable and still may have a decent life yet to run there are still probably plenty of reasons NOT to get it fixed.

So, how do you decide?

  • Where is it on the lifecycle? Are you putting off the inevitable?
  • What is the opportunity cost of fixing it? What new ideas will be starved of time and resource by fixing your project?
  • Is the money spent on the project returning all it could? Other ideas in development are more likely to deliver a greater return. Take off the blinkers and be brave!

Good Luck!

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