How To Refresh Your Managerial Style

How To Refresh Your Managerial Style

Managers can stagnate and become stale if we do not look to refresh and renew our approaches to a whole range of topics. If we fall into this trap we stifle initiative, we fail to develop our skills and the whole organisation loses out.

Managers need to break out of their restrictive working and thinking practices and to challenge the assumptions we regularly make.

Ask yourself the following questions and be honest and bold about answering them!

  • What new ideas have you brought forward for consideration by each of the following: your colleagues, team and immediate manager?
  • What established operating routines are you still relying upon and why? What would happen if these were removed and what would replace them?
  • How often have you been challenged and had your thinking questioned? If not for a long time, why do you think that is?
  • Do you regularly see out an objective 360-degree assessment of your area of responsibility to see where things are stagnating, not working or just not producing what they should be producing?
  • What limitations do you impose on yourself in terms of challenging working practices, operational systems and initiative from those you manage?
  • How do you test out or validate the business and developmental assumptions that you make? How do you change these if at all?
  • Do you embody, and encourage a learning organisation where training and development is geared around future trends not just the here-and-now?

Asking difficult questions is not difficult in itself BUT dealing with the honest answers is!

Good Luck!

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