How To Prioritise

How To Prioritise

We have too much to do and time is shrinking as the volume and complexity of tasks increases.

Sound familiar?

The really successful manager is judged as much as by what they do not do as by what they actually do! Unsuccessful managers get judged all the time over what they never accomplish. It is a difficult path to tread.

Good management is all about sorting out your priorities and delivering against them. It is all about knowing what to expend energy on and what to ignore or give only casual attention to.

People in all walks of life with a poor prioritisation approach always have a short-term focus and ignore the longer term view. This inevitably means they are stressed, and generally feel out of control with very little effective work being achieved.

So, what to do? It is all about identifying the obstacles and doing something positive about them.

Barriers facing you Solutions
Cannot identify the REAL priorities Know what is important for you and what is not. If in doubt ask! Then sort out your resources to align them where the most important priorities sit.
Doing someone else’s job Avoid familiar tasks, they add nothing to your reputation. Get to grips with YOUR job! Work out what you can delegate.
Not using your energy Identify what part of the day is your most productive and set out to use this for the most important tasks you are facing. Use low-energy times for the routine tasks.
Be realistic about what you can achieve in the time that you have at your disposal Rome was not built in a day and the builders never promised to deliver it in a day either! Good managers NEVER fall into this trap because they never take on more work than they can handle. Think before accepting any tasks and map out how you might consider taking it on.
Have a realistic and meaningful To Do list! Set out a simple metric to manage this:

A – Must be done or bad things will happen!

B – Should be done well for good things to happen

C – Things that are not important and should only be tackled if I have nothing else to do!

Never accept jobs that are dumped on you Be polite and decline the offer. If you cannot add value decline politely and walk away. Every time. No excuses.

Good Luck!

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