How To Write Reflectively

How To Write Reflectively

Think about the following pointers when you have to write a piece of reflective writing:

  • What did I already know before the experience or issue?
  • What did I learn from the experience?
  • How did I act in that situation?
  • Did I act in the correct manner?
  • Did I act in a way that others might have done?
  • How would I do things differently?
  • What learning points are there for me?
  • How do the learning points connect to other areas of my job/the subject matter/wider knowledge and development?
  • What surprised me about the event?
  • How was the event similar or different to my previous experiences?
  • Who and what helped me at the time?
  • What can I do better since this event?
  • Are there any other questions that arise from this event?
  • How and where ca I use my new knowledge and experience?

Good Luck!

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