Why Creativity Is An Essential Management Skill

Why Creativity Is An Essential Management Skill 

Innovation and creativity are key skills of a successful manager: why would you want to just carry on with your predecessor’s ways of doing things and living within the corporate/office/practical culture they had created?

Your approach in being creative and innovative is to find new ways of delivering goods and services which then contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation.

This involves working collaboratively, working in groups, learning by doing and generating plenty of options for problem solving (even if some of them are impractical from the very start!).

What are the blocks to Creativity?

  • Belief that there is only one solution
  • Tendency to be practical and logical in looking for a solution
  • Thinking too narrowly and with too much focus: not thinking “outside the box”
  • Tending not to challenge accepted wisdom and knowledge and hence not “reframing” the problem or issue
  • Accepting the “rules of the game” or the status quo
  • Not accepting and engaging in ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Not wanting to appear foolish by suggesting unconventional or unusual ideas
  • Unwilling to take risks

Be aware of the Blocks and work to make sure they do not curb or damage your creative and innovative ideas!

Good Luck!

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