How To Deliver Successful Change

How To Deliver Successful Change

Change is the only constant in management now.

Although this is a very obvious statement, and we are dealing with change on a constant basis, many managers never fully get to understand how to deliver this successfully.

The secret of success is to follow the following steps to get to where you actually want to be.

  • Make sure that you are totally credible and able to actually lead the change programme. Here, transparency is absolutely vital and that those affected by the change process should be able to ask questions at any time.
  • Make sure that Listening is a priority from the very beginning. Those fearing change and its outcomes need to be listened to at all times. There should never be a time when you are too busy to listen to their concerns and issues: to not do this brings the whole change process into disrepute.
  • Communicate as widely as possible using as many different media as possible to get your message across. There will never be a claim made that you have spent too much time and effort in communicating your message.
  • Using metaphors for what you are trying to accomplish and deliver. Paint a picture of what change looks and feels like plus the desired outcome(s) that you are trying to achieve.

The trick is to get your preparation right: time spent in the planning and communication of the change process and outcomes is never time that is wasted.

Good Luck!

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