Five Principles Of Personal Resilience 

Five Principles Of Personal Resilience 

Not easy to be resilient in difficult times: tempting to reverse into your shell and let things just happen, possibly better to not get involved or just to admit that you are beaten.


By using some basic Rules of Resilience you should be able to not only weather the storm but to come out the other side better and more skilled for the experience!

  • You need a clear Purpose: make your position meaningful and relevant to you as an individual. Keeping and maintaining your focus however difficult it becomes!
  • Monitor your Progress: not everything will work out exactly how you would like it to be. Problems appear, circumstances change and the environment that you operate inside are subject to volatile change. Make sure that you respond appropriately to this and keep your focus.
  • Recognition: know what the outcome you are seeking looks like and make sure that when this happens it is clear that it is your achievement. Never opt for the anonymous author and hide your accomplishments.
  • Positive Relationships: seek out and develop positive and powerful connections with others who can help you to focus and energise your approach. This will create a sense of belonging and optimism along what might be a long journey and will increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Resilient managers are always successful managers!

Good Luck!

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