How To Succeed In Management


How To Succeed In Management

Just simply doing “the job” is not enough in the modern workplace – it is more than just taking part in what is going on, it is all about making sure that your contributions are valued and that they get noticed.

The positive organisation, one that is moving forward and going places attracts such staff: look around you and see how many of your colleagues have been in post for a long time. What does that tell you? Either they are very successful and earn huge salaries and make significant contributions to the workplace OR they are just treading water, not really pushing themselves and will most likely be there for another 15, 20 or 25 years.

Do you want to get caught up in that?

Make sure that you shine, so that you avoid the trap of being unsuccessful and that you have simple, but effective, strategies for moving on, developing yourself and being successful.

So, the following suggestions might come in very handy as part of your approach for personal success.

  • Know what your employer wants from you: know the culture at work, where you fit in and how the relationship with the Boss should be developed. Also make sure that you really understand the Values of the company so that you avoid simple errors in terms of performance and attitude.
  • Keep a positive outlook: not always easy but essential in making the best of your work and output. Whatever happens keep an open and balanced outlook on issues and problems making sure that your expert ideas and suggestions for improvement are sent in the right channels to those above you.
  • Play as a member of the team: always sacrifice your personal goals for those of the team and the overall benefit of the organisation. It is always the case that good team players will attract the right attention at the right time right then being self-centred in your approach and dealings.
  • Be flexible: be willing to take on additional duties and work so that you can raise your profile accordingly. Going above and beyond the job role always gets noticed and is valued by any employer.
  • Have very good and consistent manners: show your polished and exemplary behaviour consistently.
  • Keep it friendly but professional: nobody really wants to hear about your private life so make sure this is closed off as a topic, nor should you enquire as to the private lives of others!
  • Be punctual: late-comers are never considered in a positive light. Arriving on times shows dependability and reliability, key features of the successful manager.
  • Keep your deadlines: make sure that you deliver every time and that you keep your word. If the deadline looks very challenging raise this as an issue rather than just hoping for the best and then being disheartened when the completion date slips and awkward questions are being asked.
  • Offer solutions rather than just stating problems: those merely repeating problems and drawing out negatives are never welcomed whilst those who understand the issues but can offer some alternative courses of action are highly regarded.

Good Luck!

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