How To Close a Meeting or 1:1 Session Really Effectively 

How To Close a Meeting or 1:1 Session Really Effectively 

Avoid the 4 most common errors that Managers make when running Meetings or 1:1 sessions.

Closing a Meeting is a very important phase of the communication process as it rounds up and focuses the attention of your audience to what has gone before – this is your golden chance to rally the troops/forge some action/make it clear to individuals and groups what should happen now!

So, what are the most common areas where Managers get it wrong?

  1. Make sure that the meaning of the original message does not change – the summary and closure section is NEVER the time or place to introduce new material.
  2. Stick to the main points only – avoid excessive detail and discussion as this should have been covered earlier.
  3. NEVER add in your own opinions or views at this stage – just keep it factual!
  4. Make it very clear that this is the end of the session and the last chance to get further clarification. Bring down the iron curtain!

 Good Luck!

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