Making Management Improvement Happen On Monday Morning

Making Management Improvement Happen On Monday Morning

If last week was a bruising and far from enjoyable experience it is time to do something about it.

If the workplace and its systems are stopping you from doing what you need, and want, to do then it is time to do something about it.

Consider applying the following Drivers of Change to you, your team and the wider organisation:

  1. Committed Leadership: leadership that links into the bigger organisational picture and which embodies the positive aspects of both organisational culture (the drive for success and high-quality products and services) and personal managerial standards.
  2. Commitment to People: getting the best from staff so that they can develop and flourish with new areas to work on, new ways of working and encouraging new ideas and better ways of working.
  3. Client focus; everything revolves around putting the customer first. Forget the bland “the customer at the centre of everything we do” statement but make this work in practical and measurable terms. Get the teams to really think about how and where they can enhance the customer experience so that they do your marketing for you!
  4. Integrated processes and teams: delivering cooperation and collaboration that really drives results rather than just some form of tokenism because it is what those at the top are looking for.
  5. Quality Driven Agenda: not just the badges that organisations collect but a real, grass-roots ownership of the work we do, the feedback we get along the way but also some pride in the outcomes that many just take for granted. Be loud and celebrate what we do well.

This is not compulsory work: your competitors are already forging ahead.

Good Luck!

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