How To Deal Effectively With A Crisis

How To Deal Effectively With A Crisis

The business and management process rarely goes to plan and while we can generally deal with relatively small bumps in the road the big challenge is how effective the organisation is in dealing with a full-blown crisis.

This is a set of circumstances that will test your skills, resolve and energy to the maximum, hence it is essential to have a PLAN for the circumstances that you will face that require immediate and focused attention.

What are the bare bones of a strategy to deal with the crisis? The following pointers will help you set up systems that can help restore order and work towards more normal operations.

  1. Establish a Crisis Team: train key personnel in what will be expected of them if a set of specific circumstances arise. Train thoroughly and carefully and review operational systems and roles of staff within these systems.
  2. Identify key Risks: clearly and carefully evaluate and record what could go wrong and why this might be the case. This will then allow you to identify and assess the key roles that staff will need to deliver and this will also involve identifying external agencies that can help you should this prove necessary. Critically evaluate the kind of support they can give and establish open communication channels with such parties so that when the crisis lands they are able to assist immediately.
  3. Develop a Plan for each type of crisis: make sure that everyone understands what their role is within this and how they will contribute to the resolution that is needed.
  4. Plan for a FULL recovery: establish very clearly how you will get back to the position that you held pre-Crisis. This is very important in recognising when the action needs to stop and normal operations can begin again!

Whilst a Crisis is not something you would wish to deal with every working day it does allow you to look at things very differently, giving you an opportunity to learn critically important aspects of the business not normally seen in the mundane operational process.

Be calm and get through the challenge!

Good Luck!

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