How To Be Really Creative All Of The Time

How To Be Really Creative All Of The Time

  1. Preparation: get yourself immersed into issues and problems that catch your interest and which will stimulate you. Curiosity is critical here!
  2. Incubation: allow ideas to swirl around in your mind without any real planning or preparation. Let your thoughts flow.
  3. Insight: allow the ideas to flow until you get that clear sign that things are making sense and that an option to move forward becomes clear.
  4. Evaluation: weight up the pros and cons of the idea so that your chance of success or progress is effectively evaluated and analysed. Do the advantages you propose outweigh the costs and difficulties this will create?
  5. Elaboration; put flesh on the bare bones of your idea so that it becomes easily understood and hard for others to dismiss. Make sue that once this is done that you follow through with the new idea or concept.

Good Luck!

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