Personal Resilience For Monday Morning

Personal Resilience For Monday Morning

Some people seem to rise above the challenge/dread/anticipation of another Monday and another week? The answer is that they have a resilient approach to life in general, and work specifically.

We can all improve and develop our resilience to deal with things that get thrown our way, things given the choice we would rather not have to face and conquer. Our capacity for resilience does change over time and as we are faced with challenges that are out of the norm: reflecting on how we deal with challenges in the past is a critical point in managing future challenges.

Resilience does not mean being unbreakable and incapable of being hurt. Everyone who deals with the challenge of Monday has the same issues to deal with it is just that they manage better than some.

There are five key areas to help you develop your resilience, if this is just about Mondays or wider challenges!

  1. Perspective

Step back from the challenge of Monday for a moment and see the negative aspects that are facing you BUT also try to identify some opportunities that will work to your advantage. Finding opportunity spurs active striving, the setting of goals and the taking of action to achieve them. Perspective-taking expands choice options, empowering rather than disabling. Challenge negative perceptions and drill down as to why you expect things to be difficult.

The trick in gaining some perspective is that it will allow you to focus on the things that you can influence and change rather than allowing your mind to be full of the things that drag you down and which you cannot change!

  1. Recognising My Emotions

Being aware of, understanding and regulating our emotions is essential to resilience – not being overtaken by our emotions but allowing time to process them. Emotions set our minds racing in ways that are both helpful and unhelpful. Check out your feelings/emotions with trusted colleagues to see if you are falling into the trap where your emotions distort the reality of the (perceived) challenge that you are facing!

What practical things could you do to better control the emotional challenges that you are facing?

  1. Purpose, values and strengths

Having a clear sense of the purpose in your work duties and responsibilities and aligning this to our own personal values is an important means by which to support how we deal with challenges and work issues. This sense of a moral compass will help you face the challenges and hurdles that a Monday presents to you.

  1. Support Networks

Resilient people have a network of connections, colleagues and friends who can offer some reality measure in times that are stressful and challenging. Draw upon such contacts to get tasks done but also as a critically important support structure.

Are you getting the sort of support you want/need and if this is not the case think how you might go about changing this for the better! This is very much a two-way process and those who support you will seek you out to support them. Collective support is a very strong way of dealing with challenge, change and the stress of a forthcoming difficult Monday/week.

  1. Managing physical energy

Keeping physically fit, eating well, and having time away from work to spend doing things that you like will increase your energy levels to deal with challenges. This should be done alongside making clear boundaries between work time and leisure time to keep yourself fresh and focused.

Good Luck!

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