How To Get The Most From Your Staff

How To Get The Most From Your Staff

If things seem a little stale or lacking in passion in the workplace or amongst the team have a look at the following pointers to see if you can get an extra boost from your people.

Staff are motivated by recognition: always provide as much positive feedback as you can.

Staff want as much feedback from their peers as possible: this informal feedback is an important means by which staff are motivated and will then increase their motivation and application to work tasks.

The Annual Appraisal is something to be dreaded: keep the system in place but continually supplement it with informal1:1 meetings so that the Annual Appraisal is not a one-hit process to be avoided or which creates lost sleep!

Big change comes from small teams: make sure that your teams can challenge ways of working or long-standing processes This increases motivation and also improves effectiveness and efficiency of processes and routines in the workplace.

Use 1:1 meetings as much as possible; the more you know about your team members and the closer that you are to their performance the greater levels of motivation and application they will show.

Make sure your feedback is regular and of good quality: nobody likes operating in a vacuum where you are unaware of how you are proceeding or delivering your tasks. Make this a constant part of your job!

Good Luck!

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