How To Be An Outstanding Manager

How To Be An Outstanding Manager

  • Care about what it is that you do! Really care or do something else!
  • Listen to everyone around you and take note of what they are saying.
  • Understand and make sure that your working practices create happy staff because happy staff are productive staff
  • Be easy to talk to, always and forever
  • Open to criticism and be accepting of ideas from your staff/subordinates
  • Caring about your staff
  • Energetic, patient and with a positive outlook (even if times are hard!)
  • Training staff to replace you
  • Provided clear and accurate advice and guidance to those who need it
  • Uses knowledge wisely and in a caring and supportive manner
  • Encourages staff to make mistakes if this is part of a learning curve
  • Promotes and delivers an “Open Door” policy and approach

There will be more that you pick up along the way – but the above is a good starting point!

Good Luck!

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