How Can I Use Coaching Principles To Motivate And Train My Staff?

How Can I Use Coaching Principles To Motivate And Train My Staff?

It is very unlikely that you will ever have a dream team of perfect staff who always work perfectly, understand and develop working systems and who also push themselves into new roles and develop themselves.

It would be wonderful if this happens – sadly it never happens.

So, what are we to do? The answer lies in the Manager as a Coach who systematically and progressively works to develop their staff and to challenge and “stretch” abilities.

A good coaching relationship is essential and coaches and the key skills required here are built around the following:

  • Being trusting and having a collaborative approach
  • Willing to listen in order to understand
  • Looking for positive aspects of the employee
  • Understanding that coaching is done with the employee, not to the employee and that the employee is the source and director of change

To make this process work effectively remember that it is you, the manager, who is responsible for the growth and development of your staff! This, in turn, directly affects your growth, development and, ultimately, your success!

Good Luck!

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