How Can I Improve My Work Output?

How Can I Improve My Work Output?

If we have a Project that has gone well the temptation is to bathe in the glory and then move onto the next big issue – whilst this is a perfectly natural thing to do it is far better to sit down and analyse and identify the nuts and bolts of what went on so that you can identify and further develop these skills.

So, how should you tackle this? Using the steps below will allow you to critically reflect upon your performance and then identify further learning points.

  1. Describe what happened: be evaluative and honest!
  2. Feelings: what were you feeling and thinking as the process emerged and developed. What does this tell you?
  3. Evaluation: what was good and bad about the experience?
  4. Analysis: what does this tell you about your approach and technique(s) in resolving and managing the issue?
  5. Conclusion: what went well, what could have gone better and what else could you have done?
  6. Action Plan: if the same situation arose again how would you now manage things?

On final step will be to identify key themes in the Projects that you manage over time and to refine and develop your skills around them.

Good Luck!

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