How To Succeed At Work

How To Succeed At Work

We all want to get on and be successful yet sometimes the people that we see around us seem to be promoted/get the more interesting tasks/are thought of “better” than we are and it all seems rather unfair or unclear as to exactly why this is!

Try looking at the following to see if these pointers can help you.

  • Ask lots and lots of questions. If you do not understand the background to a project or the rationale behind a particular process, find out! You will not look stupid by asking lots of sensible questions and as your knowledge increases you will be able to contribute more to what is going on; this then raises your profile.
  • Have a clear routine and structure to your day: recognise at what time of the day you are most productive and use these time slots for maximum impact at work. Using your most receptive and productive times makes best use of your energy levels and use the “down time” that you experience for other, less important tasks.
  • Make full use of the working day: get as much into your “core hours” as possible and void, if possible, working outside these hours unless absolutely necessary.
  • Prepare: prepare for meetings, 1:1 sessions, presentations, report writing, etc. Prepare like your life depends upon it! Research, research and plan what/how/when/why/where to give you a full picture of what you need to achieve.
  • Learn: set out to learn as much as possible – make sure that you have the facts but also the all-important background and supporting material.
  • Accept that you are responsible for your outputs: you never want to be or should be in a position where you are being spoon-fed information or resources as you will look foolish hovering up the ideas/comments/views of others around you. This will never, ever raise your profile in any meaningful way!
  • Workload: fully recognise and understand the workload that you have been given. Always be prepared to put in an extra amount of drive and effort when this is needed to make sure that your contribution is noticed, is as bold as possible and that it reflects well upon your approach and commitment.
  • Avoid negativity: look at your successes and be honest with yourself about where you could have done better. By looking at the journey that you have been on recognise the skills that you have developed and think about how they can be used for other projects and in other contexts.

You might want to also look at my Blogs on How Can I Achieve My Goals? And How Should I Measure My Success? for some more tips.

Good Luck!

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