How Should I Measure My Success?

How Should I Measure My Success?

Managerial success, just like success in any venture or project, involves generating that feeling of contentment in a task that has been well done and which has achieved what it set out to do.

The problem is that this feeling of euphoria does not last and a broader, more challenging framework is needed to be more objective about successes.

A good framework to Measure Success (in any context) looks like this:

  • Have I learned and applied new skills and knowledge in this task?
  • Have I taken risks and positively sought out opportunities that have pushed my skills and knowledge further than before?
  • Have I accepted that I have made mistakes but that I have gained something from the process?
  • Have I fully and whole-heartedly reviewed and evaluated the successes, and failures, that I have been exposed to?
  • Have I been as creative as possible in meeting my challenges?

Success is hard-won and quickly forgotten – what separates progressive and dynamic people from the crowd is their ability to review their success and use this as a road map for future projects and developments!

Good Luck!

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