The Formula For Excellent Leadership

The Formula For Excellent Leadership

  1. Have a clear and simply written vision, mission and purpose – does everyone know and buy into them?
  2. Focus on the shared values held by everyone with a stake in the organisation. If everyone is involved the quality of the decision-making process improves exponentially.
  3. Understand and discuss widely your approach to driving the business forward – if you are not clear then everyone else is similarly in the dark!
  4. Work hard to resolve and remove conflict from the organisation – these detract from what you are trying to achieve.
  5. Listen carefully and gather as much feedback as is possible. The richer the picture the better the result will be.
  6. Analyse very carefully individual behaviour traits and habits – this gives an inside view of what is taking place.
  7. Always build the strategy and paint the picture for all to see.
  8. Challenge management to push themselves further and to do more.
  9. Do the same for your staff.
  10. Set the tone needed for success and keep changing this as the markets and customers dictate.

Good Luck!

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