The 20 Top Management Priorities For ANY Manager

The 20 Top Management Priorities For ANY Manager

Regardless of the situation, scenario and type of workplace the following MUST ALWAYS BE FOLLOWED!

  1. Give good quality feedback – this will inspire and motivate your staff to achieve more in less time and to a greater quality.
  2. Always make the best of any bad news – spin as necessary but use the news wisely.
  3. Delegate – it is impossible to do it all and why should you even try?
  4. Always meet with departing members of staff – what can you find out from them that you do not already know? How can you use this information?
  5. Regularly check on performance – staff, machinery, systems. Keep checking – before someone else does.
  6. Decide upon a course of action BUT then deliver. Always.
  7. Use praise as a cornerstone of your motivational strategy. People like praise but this should also be used to stretch staff performance and achieve more.
  8. Plan your Meetings – never assume that things will go smoothly.
  9. Spend a lot of time listening. Really listening. Listen twice as much as you say.
  10. Think Strategically – leave the Operational thinking to someone else.
  11. Make and maintain alliances – network and link carefully, systematically and continually.
  12. Get feedback at every opportunity and use this to refine your approach and style.
  13. Give clear and measured instructions – this way things that you want to happen will happen in the way you planned.
  14. Use your words wisely and speak in a determined and passionate manner – staff respect knowing that there is a direction and it is being followed.
  15. Enjoy cynics – this gives you the opportunity to sharpen your message and practice your command of language. Everyone benefits!
  16. Welcome and prepare for change. Change is good!
  17. Keep quiet when the temptation is to really tell them what you think!
  18. Ask questions that cannot be answered in a simple “yes” or “no”.
  19. Focus on the average and poor players in the team and raise them to the average or better performers – you will always gain more output here than from really pushing the few star performers.
  20. Beat the clock – do it faster and better in the time allocated.

Above all else – find out what your Manager is looking for and deliver it.

Good Luck!

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