How To Survive Monday Morning

How To Survive Monday Morning

Try the following to avoid that Monday Morning Feeling!

  • Stop the navel-gazing: start looking carefully and in a measured way at exactly what it is about the job/company/Monday feeling that you dislike rather than focusing on their negatives. Use the energy to make a change!
  • Identify the other negatives in your life that are there because of the Monday Morning Feeling. What can you separate out and what can you deal with right here, right now that will make the burden lighter? If Mondays are having a negative impact upon your weekend what can you do to protect that precious weekend-time and what activities can you do to put Monday out of your focus?
  • Be prepared to say a simple NO when people at work place more demands upon your time and abilities. This may sound difficult but it is a necessary step in restoring some order from the chaos. If you have five tasks to complete but you have only capacity for four, you must say this or say that otherwise you will be doing five tasks badly.
  • Suppress your feelings: never let anyone see how you are feeling about the Monday Morning situation: this is very important regardless of what type of workplace you are experiencing but especially true of competitive and testosterone-fuelled offices where others may be tempted to use your emotions against you. Put on a poker-face and tough it out externally!
  • Use reading as a distraction technique: this is especially important if you have a commute to the workplace. Reading a good book will ease your mind and allow you some precious “you” time before hitting the workplace running.
  • Reflect accurately and in a measured way on the current work situation and how this has arisen: this does not mean dwelling on the situation in a morbid and self-defeating way but by looking at the core issues, the contributing factors and the cultural aspects of the workplace, you will begin to see that the issues are not all down to you and you will be able to move forward.

Everyone has the right to a satisfying and stimulating work environment and a career – make sure that by overcoming the Monday Morning Feeling this is you!

Good Luck!

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