How To Make The Right Impression In Your New Management Job

How To Make The Right Impression In Your New Management Job

So, you have got a new management job? Brilliant! Well done you!

Now, when you arrive at work, what will the staff that you are now responsible for be thinking and how should you act?

The expectations are heightened and all eyes are on you. What should your strategy be?

You only have a very short slice of time in which you must make an impression – but the right one!

New managers arrive in many ways: internal promotion, external appointments, for some this will be their first managerial job, for others one in a series of different appointments. Imposing your style is important but this must be done with care and thought – once made, impressions are hard to change!

The team will be analysing you very closely: assessing your words, your attitude to certain specific processes and jobs, seeking out hints and clues in your “off-guard” moments seeking to understand what you are about.

  • Draw upon the successes of the past whilst also pointing towards what the future holds and what the challenges will be.
  • There is a danger for the new manager in thinking that they have supreme power because they have won the competition, having seen off their rivals and secured the coveted position. This is a dangerous thought process!
  • Overconfidence can become a real issue – rein yourself in a little and be humble!
  • Remember you are no better, or worse, than anyone else in the team.
  • Silence enhances your power: keep quiet, listen well, say little – all strategies that enhance your position and gives you a persuasive edge to what you do subsequently say.
  • Speak with power and purpose: earning the position has not been an easy process so never throw away the position by engaging your mouth before you have fully considered what it is you want to say.

Enjoy the position and the ride!

Good Luck!

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