4 Excellent Ways To Motivate Your Staff

4 Excellent Ways To Motivate Your Staff

Getting the most from your staff gives your organisation a critical advantage over your competition and makes for a productive and harmonious workplace. The push is for obtaining energy for action and maintaining that flow of energy and commitment.

  • Focus on the bigger picture: showing the bigger vision is a critical to staff engagement. This should never be about the daily routine of work but where the organisation is travelling and what to look out for on the way. Stress the connection between what they are doing and the purpose of the organisation – very often this link is broken or lost.
  • Talk about the process: show how each task is linked to other tasks which then boosts productivity and results. We all fall short in doing the little things as speedily as we might like to do them but appreciating how processes are inter-related focuses the collective mind and makes improvements and higher output, plus more motivation, more likely.
  • Look for things that excite the team: staff will give clues as to what they find motivating in the workplace and what demotivates them! Be aware of this ad use these gems of knowledge when allocating work and tasks so as to get the best results from the most highly motivated employees! This is also true of key words and phrases used by demotivated staff – it is your challenge to use these to your advantage and then seek out what would be more motivational for that particular member of staff.
  • Use positive reinforcement: recognise and reward success. Acknowledgement of past successes is always a motivator for future progress but failing to do this will create resentment and alienation for both the individual and the team.

Leaders need to be a constant source of motivation – a poorly motivated team is a failing team.

Good Luck!

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