Three Ways To Deliver Successful Change

Three Ways To Deliver Successful Change

We all want the manager’s role to deliver effective and sustainable change that will drive forward the organisation but HOW do we start that that process off?

Start by considering the three essentials for Successful Change:

  • Curiosity: encourage and allow staff to ask questions all the time, the why and why not of staff curiosity. The problem is that many (foolish) managers see this as impertinence and dismiss any such rumblings. Curiosity should be respected and stimulated at every opportunity.
  • Forgiveness: this recognises that people will make mistakes as not every idea is practical and in trying new ideas out, errors happen! If staff learn from their mistakes this is a healthy and productive managerial approach. If staff are punished for experimenting then huge avenues of experimentation and innovation are shut down and the organisation slowly loses its competitive advantages.
  • Trust: make sure that those who are developing and experimenting are trusted to get on with their work and select them wisely. As trust involves giving power too always ensure that the best possible staff are driving forward change.

Good Luck!

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