How To Deliver An Excellent Pep Talk

How To Deliver An Excellent Pep Talk

Our success in meeting challenges, dealing with change and just simply developing the business depends upon how well we can motivate and encourage our staff.

The ability to deliver an inspiring talks that bolsters morale, generates enthusiasm and is a rallying call for action separates out the best from the mediocre or just plain bad managers.

This will always include providing direction, giving empathy and bringing meaning and success to life.

We can attend as many seminars and training events as we like but the construction of a really good Pep talk is never considered! This is all about using our practical knowledge and experience to the maximum possible effect.

Three Rules:

  • Use language that is clean and unambiguous: give instructions and guidance precisely so that the message is very easy to understand and apply. Another key here is defining tasks and describing simply how performance will be measured.
  • Recognise the difficulty of the task being set but always praise the ability of the team to meet the challenge. This should always be accompanied by empathy and support for the team and gratitude for tackling the issue.
  • Link the organisation’s goals to the individual/team goals. By aligning this you put the task into a firm and measurable context. A good strategy here is to use past examples of successful delivery possibly in the face of big challenges or times of real difficulty – this again sets good context.

A successful call for action should include all three of the above regardless of whether this is for an audience of one or many. If the level of support for you is already high then tailor the message, in just the same way if the goals you set are obvious. Appeal to the greater good of the organisation on occasions whilst on others focus deeply on the operational and practical aspects of the task that must be fulfilled.

Staff will always value a communication that contains plenty of information that they can remember and use in completing the set assignment or job as this reduces uncertainty and gives a clear focus.

Good Luck!

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