A Senior Manager’s Diary.

One Senior Manager sat down to separate out what they regarded as the major responsibilities of their job.

They listed 6 key areas for themselves.

A             Relationships with Head office

B             Long-term and strategic planning

C            Operational responsibility for particular on-going activities

D             Co-ordination function

E              Standard setting, performance, morale, priorities

F              External relations

They then analysed their Diary for the previous three months and came up with the following approximate proportions of time spent on each of the key areas.

A             20%        D             25%

B             10%        E              5%

C             35%        F              5%

Should they have been worried?

If so what should the revised percentages be and why?

What does this tell you about your job and your effectiveness and the way that you are perceived by your staff and your line manager?

Good Luck!

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