Bigger Department, Bigger Staff Team OR Better Department, Better Staff Team?

Bigger Department, Bigger Staff Team OR Better Department, Better Staff Team?

We all have a tendency towards wanting things that are bigger than that which we currently have; cars, houses, circles of friends, professional contacts, whatever.

The truth is though that whilst this might be very appealing and perhaps personally satisfying it is far more advantageous to have things that are simply BETTER than our current lot!

Getting more production and effort out of your team by simply making it bigger achieves nothing: all you are doing is working much harder with a greater number of staff and almost certainly not gaining any scale uplift in output, results, quality, customer satisfaction – the list goes on.

A better way is to maximise everything that you can from the resources that you have and to become BETTER at everything that you do. A vineyard owner will not want to grow the area of his or her production but would rather make their resources work better for them so that their revenues and profits increase accordingly without the additional effort required in managing a larger production system.

To make this a reality consider the following areas where better will be infinitely more advantageous than just bigger:

  • Plant and Machinery
  • Raw materials
  • Processes and Services
  • People

Always go for better – not more!

Good Luck!

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