Old Motivation Has Gone – Five NEW Ways To Motivate Your Staff

Old Motivation Has Gone – Five NEW Ways To Motivate Your Staff

Forget the grand and dated theories of Motivation – they are as old and dry as parchment left out in the glare of the sun.

The smart money in getting the maximum output and commitment from your staff lies with turning these models on their heads and beginning again with the individual at the heart of your planning!

We need a kinder, more intimate and ultimately a more relevant approach to staff motivation and performance.  We need a holistic and personal view of each of our staff members: find out what motivates each one and start from there.

  • What are they looking for from work?
  • How do they want to know about their progress in the workplace?
  • What are their needs from the organisation?
  • What are their needs from you?
  • How will you discover why they are disengaged and show poor commitment?

By looking at the underlying causes of poor motivation, and not the symptoms, you can begin to critically analyse why their commitment/output/engagement is not what it should be.

In any workplace it is the dysfunctional minority who get all, or at least a large proportion, of the managerial attention for all the wrong reasons! Ask yourself the following questions to find out!

By asking these few, simple questions, it is likely that the disengaged percentage in your team will come out of their current mind-set and begin to act as someone with a share and stake in the organisation rather than just someone who turns up each day!

Getting more motivation by doing the right thing!

Good Luck!

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