5 Top Tips To Refresh Your Career

5 Top Tips To Refresh Your Career

We all want a career that moves us on, develops our skills, refreshes our passion and enthusiasm and, of course, pays us well. Sometimes, however, we get stuck and are becalmed where nothing much is happening.

Career drift is not a happy time and you inevitably begin to question yourself about how it all went quiet and, more importantly, how to get going again!

A lack of direction can have many causes but getting out of the downward spiral is up to you – so, what practical steps can you take to refresh your career path?

  • Be self-aware: are you coasting along? Is this an acceptable place to be more than just the short-term? How long are you going to let this be the norm? Set some deadlines and get moving again!
  • Become an explorer: read as widely as possible, speak to as many different people as possible, meet former colleagues, provoke fresh thoughts and drives around how and when your next big move is to be executed.
  • Identify your passion – ideally quickly: find out by doing things, challenge yourself, actually try that idea out, become a buyer and seller of goods if you fancy trying it. Whatever you do try, try something!
  • Devise your career path: create a new rile for yourself or reinvent yourself in a new way. Identify the skills that you have and see what this tells you about how and where your career can expand and develop.
  • Keep your plans flexible: long term goals work for very few people as we all change our direction of travel and emphasis as we age. Always look back and review your progress but keep your eye on the future path and new opportunities.

Good Luck!

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