Making The Most Of Management Information

Making The Most Of Management Information

Managers MUST manage information well – this is the very lifeblood of your success and that of your organisation!

This need not be a difficult task and it can be dealt with very effectively and efficiently just by following some simple rules outlined below:


Is this information going to help me achieve my goals more effectively?

Looking objectively at what I have do I need to know it?


Can I rely on this information?

Can I rely on its source?


Is it the right time for me to get this?


Do I have enough information to make a judgement or a decision?

Based on the information I do have will I make a good decision?


Can I work with this information as it is or do I have to do something with it first?

Only poor and ineffective management blames a lack of information for deciding on a course of action: if the information you have cannot be relied upon either do not make the decision or get more information before acting!

Good Luck!

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