How To Make Sustainable Competitive Advantage Work For You

How To Make Sustainable Competitive Advantage Work For You

Really successful organisations generate and keep advantages over their competitors that cannot easily be imitated or exceeded: those organisations that cannot rise to this challenge will always be on the back foot and will be prone to market loss, reduced profits and a push for survival.

The same equally applies to departments run by managers who do not see the need to make their area the best it can be!

The trick in all of this is to embed Sustainable Competitive Advantage into the DNA of the organisation systematically and carefully over time.

So, how can this be achieved?

  • Differentiation: just how and where can you make sure that your offer/service/product really does stand out from the crowd?
  • Low costs: can we operate at low cost without throwing away our quality to lever in advantage?
  • Niche marketing: how specialist are we and how good are we at doing this?
  • High performance technology: will investments here give us an edge?
  • Superior quality: do we stand out from the crowd in terms of quality and, if not, why don’t we?
  • Superior service: do we pride ourselves in terms of the human factor in delivering our offer?
  • Synergy: where can we save time and resource by more carefully planning and executing our mission?
  • Culture, leadership and style of organisation: how is this presented to our customers, what is their opinions of it and what are they saying about how we function?

Good Luck!

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