Four Key Factors To Deliver Change

Four Key Factors To Deliver Change

Change is inevitable in the workplace and managers are required to not only manage this but also to instigate and plan for it.

Getting the change process right separates out successful managers from the also-rans!

The trick here is to look systematically and carefully at four separate factors to deliver change. These are:

  • Calculation
  • Communication
  • Culture
  • Compliance


  • Identification of the likely impacts of change at two levels:
    • Internal (what will happen to internal structures and current working patterns?)
    • External (how will we be perceived by our customers/suppliers/stakeholders?)


  • 4 components
    • Make the change message simple and clear
    • Design the communication medium and content for maximum impact
    • Choose your media very carefully for maximum exposure of the right kind
    • Make sure that you secure employee engagement: are the staff fully briefed and on-board with the change?


  • How can we tap into the culture of the organisation to make change work?
  • This will always be a major factor in inhibiting change so it needs to be communicated carefully with an accurate assessment of likely resistance


  • How we be sure that the change can be achieved?
    • Control of resources: this is a way of securing buy-in but also a way of alienating groups and individuals
    • Alliances: identify who is likely to resist the change and who will unite against it
    • Rewards and punishments: beware the impact of positive and negative decision making
    • Charisma: use management presence and support to make the change happen
    • Management skills; these will be at a premium so the more skilled you are with people the easier this process will inevitably be

Prepare well!

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