10 Coaching Review Questions For Managers

10 Coaching Review Questions For Managers

All managers should be involved in practical coaching strategies for their employees – good, proactive managers coach in such a way that they encourage their potential replacements to step up and get ready for their departure!

Whether this is you, or you are just wanting to get the very best from your staff, ask yourself the following 10 Review Questions and be honest with your answers!

  • Do you listen to your employees?
  • Do you understand the individual needs of your employees?
  • Do you encourage employees to express their feelings openly?
  • Do you provide your employees with tangible and intangible support for development?
  • Do your employees know your expectations about their performance?
  • Do you encourage open and honest discussions and problem solving?
  • Do you help your employees create action plans that will
      • Solve problems?
      • Create changes?
  • Do you help your employees explore potential areas of growth and development?
  • Do you link your coaching to formal Supervisions and Appraisals?
  • Do your staff in turn then coach others under their management?

Gather the data, think logically and then get your Coaching into the next level!

Good Luck!

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