How To Successfully Promote BRAND ME

How To Successfully Promote BRAND ME

To get on we all must make the most of our skills and abilities. Unfortunately, BRAND ME is your responsibility and yours alone, so the trick is to make the most of what you have and follow the 5 principles outlined below.

  • Check every three months that your CV is totally up to date so that if that job opening that you have been aiming for suddenly appears you will be ready to make a speedy application.
  • Identify, with clinical accuracy, your skill gaps and seek out training to fill the. This could be paid by your employer or by yourself but always plug the gaps.
  • Add systematically, every month, to your LinkedIn page, join LinkedIn groups and always seek out testimonials from colleagues and customers to boost the relevance of your page. If you do not have a LinkedIn page – get one!
  • Keep networking. Never stop networking. Ever. Even if you are busy always make time to meet people and spread BRAND YOU as far as possible. Having coffee and Lunch are vital times when you can achieve critical connections.
  • Take control of your career. If you are bored and frustrated by your current position you only have yourself to blame! Keep pushing and developing BRAND YOU!

Good Luck!

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