Four Golden Principles Of Personal Resilience

Four Golden Principles Of Personal Resilience

We cannot be risk averse – the management job does not allow for just sitting and watching things evolve and grow. Managers must get involved but, how to do this successfully?

Successful managers balance risk with opportunity! This is the only way to survive in the short-term and grow and diversify in the long-term.

The manager who is reluctant to intervene is severely limiting their growth and development: the senior manager who is reluctant to intervene is causing their organisation to fail! Both are sleep-walking into disaster by conscious paralysis.

The trick is to pair agile thinking with robust systems: adopting a “zero-risk” approach is totally defeatist and a more balanced approach is to aim for “zero trauma” in avoiding major setbacks whilst growing and developing the business.

Successful managers, and organisations, are those that are prepared to take the bad times with the good times but to learn from the process and use this knowledge to further develop.

The Top Tips look like this:

  • Effective management of the need to control what is happening
  • Effective management of the action of the job and the organisation
  • Effective management of performance – really knowing what is going on
  • Effective management of innovation – encouraging and trialling new methods and approaches

Good Luck!

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