5 Ways To Deliver A PASSIONATE and MEMORABLE Pitch

5 Ways To Deliver A PASSIONATE and MEMORABLE Pitch

Memorable Pitches really stick in the mind and, sadly, there are the thousands that just don’t.

A memorable Pitch wins the business, gets an “in” and leads to a strong relationship.

To make your truly memorable adopt the 5 Points below to really get your message across.

  • Use emotions to signify key points and changes in mood: speaking in a different manner and pausing for a moment of reflection draws your audience in and gets them to want to hear more of your message. The Pitch has hooked them.
  • Make it short but effective: good songs last for a relatively short period of time and are not over-egged! Make sure you open strongly, have a strong story to tell and a memorable climax. Make the Pitch something they want to hear more about.
  • Keep things simple: never get over-reliant on technology and its power. Keep things simple by just talking in a careful but casual manner to draw in your audience. This brings in some intimacy to the message as glitzy tech only puts up barriers to the content of your real message. The Pitch is just as much about you as it is the product or service.
  • What is the chorus? What points do you really want to put across? Make sure that you keep coming back to this point to drive home the key information. Identify the key messages in the Pitch and gear your delivery around this.
  • Be Passionate: say what the problems are and what needs to change/be improved. This will show how your collaboration and commitment to problem solving will be a feature of subsequent business.

The real trick is to deliver with a combination of logic and emotion!

Good Luck!

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