5 Golden Rules For Running A Webinar

5 Golden Rules For Running A Webinar

Given that organisations are very complex beings and that staff may well be dispersed in far off places (even if your company is not a global presence!) running a Webinar is an effective and practical means by which to deliver information and gain involvement from a variety of different staff and customers.

They are a very cost-effective way of connecting with large groups of people and are very flexible in that they can be recorded and used again as needs dictate.

On the surface, they look easy to deliver but, as with most things, what appears simple often is not!

So, what are the Golden Rules to follow?

  1. Consider VERY carefully the content: make sure that you retain the attention of your audience with simple, clear messages. If you are using slides keep their content relatively light with bullet points and work to the model where each slide is used for between 30 and 60 seconds to keep the delivery moving.
  2. Consider your voice: this is the most important aspect of the process and it is what your audience will immediately pick up. Make sure that you deliver variety in terms of tone, pitch and emphasis. Monotone delivery = people switching off. Literally.
  3. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. You cannot do this enough as practice makes perfect and will make sure that your message gets over. Never do the delivery cold with no rehearsal as this is sure to lead to a product that you would rather forget!
  4. What do your audience need to get from the product? It is a lonely experience feeling that you are talking to yourself for the duration of the broadcast: having a conversational style is very important here as just speaking and getting the message out there means that the message really is not getting out there! If you are planning for some Questions and Answers at the end of the process it is a good trick to have some model questions and answers that you yourself can use to stimulate responses from the audience – you can easily pretend that these came from the audience and they are useful ways to put emphasis onto your key messages!
  5. Get Feedback. Always ask for this and the detail here will help you in delivering further Webinars. Knowing what went well is always good BUT far better to know what did not work so well as this means you know where to focus next time!

Good Luck!

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