Should I Take On More Responsibility?

Should I Take On More Responsibility?

Great opportunity only comes along ever so often and the big question is do you take it with all of the pressures that it will bring OR do you weigh things up and move away from the offer?

Inevitably side issues emerge: what will those around me think of me NOT accepting and what does this say about me and how will I be perceived then?

If I jump into the role and then realise it is not for me, how do I recover from this and what options exist once I am out in the (proverbial) wilderness?

If you are talking the job or project on just because you think that you should then this is not the right frame of mind to be adopting. You might be acting out of fear or obligation – either are not sound reasons for doing anything.

The driving force in making that decision rests with what your true desires actually are and not what you might perhaps want them to be.

This boils down to three key questions:

What is it that really, truly motivates me?

Motivation from within is critical here: this should never be about the external pressures that we all face but be built around what drives us all internally.

This involves getting to really understand yourself and recognising WHY you are deciding to take the opportunity itself. Ask yourself lots of different questions.

This will be a complex process but it will always be time that is well-spent. Importantly this process will rarely give you a black and white option to take but understanding what is important to you is the key. For instance the promotion will put you fully into the spotlight and you will be seen as a key employee with skills and responsibilities over and above your peers. On the other hand however it will mean longer hours, more travel and time away from home. This is a delicate balance at the best of times and needs very careful thought.

How does the task sit with your personal principles?

If the task and nature of the challenge sits outside what you as a person hold to be central and important then there is a real danger in even considering let alone actually taking on the task/responsibility/job.

You really need to be confident here.

Consider specifics that are measurable and quantifiable in conducting this part of the assessment. How do the different principles match up against each other and are some more heavily weighted than others? Do some occupy a disproportionate amount of weighting than others and are these weights capable of being moved around? Does this then shift your view?

What EXACTLY are my choices?

Not everything in life has an element of choice about it: however much we might convince ourselves that there are choices open to us the reality is that our “wriggle room” on a lot of different matters is very limited. This will mean that we want to feel that we have control even if this is not strictly true and subconsciously we will enjoy the new task/project/job IF we feel that we have been able to make a choice.

If we have the feeling that we really should do something then we are already losing any sense of autonomy: I really should complete that Report tonight even though I feel tired and uninspired by the subject matter. We become obligated.

Never be dragged along by should!

Good Luck!

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