How Can I Get On At Work?

How Can I Get On At Work?

The key part of being a success, at whatever you are aiming for in whatever the circumstances, begins with simply BEING VISIBLE. This has to be the starting point for any strategy to gain promotion and attention.

Being the hardest worker in your team or organisation, and the one everyone wants on their team may make you feel really positive but this is no guarantee of gaining success in the bigger picture! This is why you need to work consistently on your visibility.

So, how can you work on this?

Developing Specialist Skills

Do you consider yourself a “generalist” – someone who does many different things in different roles – or a “specialist” – someone who is an expert in one or two specific areas?

New businesses often hire generalists, because they can perform in so many different roles. As organisations grow, however, specialists are often hired to focus on key areas. This may leave the hard-working generalists feeling pushed aside and disempowered.

If you’re a generalist, think strategically about what types of skills your organisation needs. Work on building these skills to become a specialist. The more knowledgeable and skilful you become in a particular area, the more likely you are to be noticed for your work.

Building a Network

Work consistently to develop contacts that you can help but also people who can return that favour. Building and nurturing relationships with the people around you delivers you allies who can help you get assigned to interesting, significant, or eye-catching projects that might otherwise go to someone else. They may also recommend you to other departments, which can open up opportunities that might not have been available to you without their recommendations.

Tracking Your Accomplishments

When you are working hard, it is very easy to forget all of your achievements over the last six to 12 months. This will not help when it’s time for your performance review.

Keep track of all of your accomplishments within the organisation. If clients or colleagues give you compliments, write them down. If the compliment came in an email, print it. If you exceeded last quarter’s sales goals, get the paperwork that proves it.

Put all of these great compliments and achievements in a file, and bring the file to your performance review. This gives you hard evidence to prove to your boss what a great job you’re doing.

Getting Out of the Shadows

If you want to get noticed, you must receive credit for your ideas.

Make sure that others do not take the credit for things that you have worked hard on and that are a success. YOUR success!

Make sure that you “watermark” your work whenever you can (this is a feature in some word processing software packages). Whilst potentially a chore, doing this makes clear whose idea/work the product is and the source of the document.

Taking on More Responsibilities

You can also get noticed by your manager and other staff by taking on more responsibilities whenever possible.

This does not mean that you should overwork yourself! But if you see a new project or role that will help you expand your skills, take advantage of it. Do this, particularly if it’s one that has high visibility within the organisation, or has a significant impact on the bottom line.

Good Luck!

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