Destructive Personality Types In The Workplace

Destructive Personality Types In The Workplace

Be aware of the following colleagues and plan your approaches accordingly.

Be cautious   – they are all out there, somewhere!

  • Autocrat: tries to dominate or constantly interrupt other members of the team.
  • Show Off: talks all the time and thinks they know all the answers.
  • Butterfly: keeps changing the topic before others are ready.
  • Aggressor: doesn’t show respect to others, comments negatively about them.
  • Avoider: refuses to focus on the task or on group relationship problems.
  • Critic: always sees the negative side to any argument, but never suggests alternatives. Puts down the ideas of others.
  • Help seeker: looks for sympathy from others: victim
  • Self-confessor: uses the group as a forum for inappropriate talk about self.
  • Clown: shows no involvement in the group and engages in distracting conversation

Spot them and take appropriate action!

Good luck!

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