How To Survive The First 30 Days At University

How To Survive The First 30 Days At University

  1. Make sure that the Induction you receive is as full as possible. Ask lots of questions.
  2. Get to know the Team who will be teaching you.
  3. Identify what it will take for you to be a success and how you will be being marked and assessed.
  4. Get to know your Tutor. Find out what they consider to be very important, important and irrelevant.
  5. Make sure you know the criteria against which your work will be measured. What are the rules and measures of success here?
  6. Work out what the culture is within your group/course/department. What are the unwritten rules/norms/approaches NOT covered at Induction?
  7. Really get to know what the organisation is all about. This is not just its products or services but includes how your role fits into the process and why you have been accepted onto the course.
  8. Set out carefully and methodically what your own personal development plan will be (recognising that this will be a combination of what the course wants you to achieve and your own personal and developmental goals).

Good Luck!

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