Using Toddler Skills In Management

Using Toddler Skills In Management

We are all annoyed when the screaming child gets onto the plane – everyone hopes, prays to their God even, that the infant with the huge voice and snotty nose sits as far away as possible from where we are. Perhaps a seat on the wing might suit the little sir or madam?

A little unkind – I am  sorry. But, in this situation, there are management lessons to be learned from the little person.

  • The child is not the victim of routine in the ways that we are: they think very differently as it is all about the goal and its pursuit. Feed me more chocolate and I will be quiet!
  • Play time allows for intellectual growth and the development of new ideas: we might aim to do this as managers but, really, how often do we have the time to experiment in a non-judgemental arena?
  • When do we practice some genuine uninhibited creativity? Managerial pressures do not allow for this luxury.
  • Exploring genuine curiosity? Ditto the point above!

We cannot regress to childhood: that plainly would not work BUT we can use these approaches to gain us small victories and a better outlook on the managerial landscape. This then leads to us gaining a critical edge on projects and new developments.

Good Luck!

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